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Download FaceApp for your iPhone, Ipad, Android, iPod touch, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Using the app is pretty easy and fun with many users choosing specific images to upload and see the older or younger versions of people. FaceApp is garnering massive attention at the moment and many users aren’t complaining about the privacy rumors since other established apps are still in the spotlight when it comes to privacy policies.

Developers of FaceApp stressed that there isn’t any sort of illegal data collection or privacy compromising, assuring the users that only chosen images make it to servers in order to apply the filters sufficiently. The fact that Face-App is related to Russia is complicating the situation because of the intense relations between the U.S. and Russian authorities. Again, the Face App company affirmed that there aren’t any types of personal data about users being shared with any Russian party at all.

The sudden rise of FaceApp may have earned the platform millions of users but it has also put the app under fire due to the continuous allegations of spying attempts and inauthentic privacy features.

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