FaceApp Brings Artificial Intelligence Closer to the Use

FaceApp Brings Artificial Intelligence Closer to the Use 1

After the reintroduction of FaceApp in 2019, the Russian platform is now considered to be one of the most downloaded apps at the moment with millions of people from all over the world seeking to try the various face filters provided by the renovated app.

The responses of various audience members towards FaceApp have been hugely positive til date, and the ageing filter is one of the very top and most popular filters that created an unprecedented propaganda upon its release.

And after FaceApp succeeded in proving the 100% trustworthy privacy policy to its users, the Russian platform gained more popularity and the number of its downloads from the different online stores has been rapidly increasing lately. One of the main reasons FaceApp appeals to millions of users in innumerable countries is that it has successfully brought AI – artificial intelligence – closer to the normal user and the social media enthusiast.

After refuting the accusations of spying on users and collecting data illegally, FaceApp is now being appreciated by so many people due to its clever utilization of various AI techniques and methods in the attempt to present the user with a unique face-filters app. Currently, the Russian app is posing as a great threat to other popular competitors that provide similar face filters, such as Snapchat and Instagram. The famous ageing filter by FaceApp is the most viral filter of all that worked as an attractor to people who wanted to give the renovated platform a try! Celebs, public figures, social media bloggers and influencers and other users have been sharing their FaceApp results over the past two months. Many experts and AI specialists have stated that FaceApp managed to benefit from the right AI technologies to attract the generation of today!

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