FaceApp Flaunts More Than One Positive Facet

FaceApp Flaunts More Than One Positive Facet 1

Weeks ago the renovated Russian app FaceApp dominated the social media scene by presenting millions of users with mutiple face filters that are both unique and interesting. FaceApp gained palpable popularity amongst the millions of online users and people around the world due to its very famous aging filter which is designed to present the user with an older or younger version of himself within seconds. Millions of people rushed to download FaceApp from online stores which made the re-imagined app the star of the year. FaceApp uses artificial intelligence methods and techniques to bring to the user an authentic and very realistic image of himself 30 years later! Despite its steadily rising status in the markets, FaceApp started to encounter some opposition and accusations regarding its privacy policy and features. Experts and social media specialists accused the face-filters app of spying on users and collecting data illegally without the direct consent of the fan base of FaceApp.

Developers of the Russian platform refuted all accusations against its privacy policy and assured the millions of its members that their content isn’t used or utilized by any other parties, and also isn’t stored in the servers indefinitely. On the other hand, other experts and users found out that FaceApp may have multiple positive impacts on the users base. The Russian app is for instance a good example of how to utilize AI techniques to present some unique and special face filters. Moreover, the much talked about aging filter is reported to act as a positive factor to increase empathy for the older generation and the elders of our communities. In addition, FaceApp poses a palpable threat to big names in the industry – such Snapchat and Instagram – making them question their functionality and innovation. After FaceApp succeeded in rising to prominence and proved the sanity of its privacy policy to users, the Russian platform got even more popular amongst audiences in the past few days!

Fortunately, the reactions and feedback of many users of FaceApp have been positive since the AI criterion used by the face-filters platform proved to be a successful and realistic one. People from all over the world shared their FaceApp results – older and younger versions of themselves – on social media apps which prompted others to download the app and give it a go! And after developers of FaceApp assured the public that no private data is being used or stored illegally, the number of fans of the app increased palpably. The renovated Russian app has created and utilized an exquisite algorithm that make face-filters more interesting and approachable. Other contenders are already studying the success of FaceApp and how it managed to deploy AI across its platform in a way the appeals to millions of users out there.

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