The Obsession with FaceApp and Privacy

The Obsession with FaceApp and Privacy 1

Faceapp is the product of a Russian company called Wireless Labs. It has been downloaded millions of times through both Google Play and the Apple App Store. The app has topped the charts of both and has proven a dominating force in all aspects of advertising.

There have been questions raised about FaceApp’s privacy and the information it gathers. The company’s privacy policy states that it has express permission to use the images it collects in whatever way it deems fit.

Professionals have raised alarm about the app’s data collection and how it is used by the company who stores it. Even American politicians have expressed their concerns about what the app means for the security of the country’s citizens.

As FaceApp has grown in scope and has expanded its demographic, it has become clear that considerations need to be made when using it. The app has had wild success that is unmatched in recent years and that has demonstrated a need for increased observation.

Everyone should take the time to understand who is receiving their data and how it may be used for their own safety and others.

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