What does FaceApp do?

What does FaceApp do? 1

Every day it seems like there is a new viral craze. People are constantly discovering for the first time things to obsess over that can create a defining pop culture moment. They enrapture the public in different ways depending on what is specifically getting the attention at that time. Often it seems these fads are designed solely to be fleeting in that the hysteria surrounding them doesn’t last long.

Trending FaceApp

The obsession can be over anything from online websites to, in the current case, smart device apps. One of the current popular trends has been FaceApp, even utilizing the hashtag #faceappchallenge.

It has polluted social media timelines to the point of irritation as it has hooked people worldwide. The app has found itself as one of the most used apps in current times with its hold on the market being that which few other tech companies and apps will ever experience at any time.

What does it do?

FaceApp is a photo editing app. It is mainly designed to age photos of individuals using Artificial Intelligence. Users can upload photos of themselves and/or friends to change the appearance of the person to look older. It has been advertised as a hyper-realistic facial feature simulator. It has caught on massively with young people who have made it a trend that is impossible to ignore.

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