Which App do you prefer: FaceApp or Facebook?

Which App do you prefer: FaceApp or Facebook? 1

If you prefer FB, let us to tell you something about it. The popular social media app Facebook and its viral Messenger has been going through tough times over the last couple of years generated by the continuous accusations and allegations that the socializing app is breaching privacy of users and stealing their private data.

Recently, the situation got worse when Facebook and the Messenger – and Instagram as well – suffered from a downtime that caused the apps to crack down and not function as usual. Many Facebook users weren’t able to use both of the app and messenger properly for nearly 24 hours which frustrated some people who thought that the downtime is going be resolved in a couple of hours. Unfortunately, it took Facebook longer than expected to redeem the situation and fix the problem. Instagram also – a Facebook company app – suffered from a similar outage that caused the platform to malfunction and not carry out a single usual task. Yet Instagram managed to recover more quickly and the image-sharing platform went back to its regular, fully functional status in the matter of few hours.

The outage that happened to Facebook and Messenger caused multiple problems for many users who use both of the apps on daily basis and for daily communication; during the Facebook downtime, users weren’t able to post any new content or send messages or respond to them. The main reason that caused the problem isn’t clear and it isn’t obvious whether the outage was caused by a technical problem – or was created by an anonymous online sabotaging team. An online security company stated that the problem may be stemming from leaks from a major getaway protocol routing. Sending incorrect or mistaken information can cause a route leak that might consequently disrupt the internet traffic causing major outage for popular websites and messaging apps.

A similar internet traffic disturbance could have possibly caused the downtime for Facebook and Messenger resulting in the malfunction in the major socializing platforms. And many other technical issues and Facebook-related functions could be the reason behind this outage as well. Of course, the absence of Facebook and Messenger for almost a full day prompted many users to head to other messengers and instant-messaging apps – such as Telegram that has reportedly gained more than 3 million signups in the same exact day – in order to carry out their duties and usual online communication. The Facebook company stated that it’s aware of the scale of the problem that occurred out of a sudden and countermeasures are being made in order to assure that nothing similar happens in the future.

So, which app you should install? FaceApp!

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