Which App do you prefer: FaceApp or WhatsApp?

Which App do you prefer: FaceApp or WhatsApp? 1

If you prefer Whatsapp, let us to tell you something about it. WhatsApp to Allow Users to Permanently Block Forwarded Messages. What? Since last year, the WhatsApp messenger has been trying diligently to stop the misuse of its platform and the wrong utilization of the messaging app to spread rumors, misinformation and fake news.

So developers of Whats-App have been revealing newer and renovated privacy measures in order to alert the users and notify them if the message or any content sent via WhatsApp is inauthentic. Reportedly, the popular messenger is focusing on the feature of forwarding messages since it’s an easy way to spread unwanted and inauthentic content and information; Whatsapp is expected to allow its users to block forwarded messages if the content is repeatedly and inconveniently sent.

The rumored feature is expected to be unveiled in the next few months and is to help users in chat groups to stop frequently forwarded messages from disturbing the other members of the conversation. The group settings in the viral messenger will be equipped with the block feature so that the admins can terminate any forwarded content that has been sent and resent over four times.

Of course the new forwarded-messages blocking feature is going to be a major factor in detecting misinformation and hoaxes, and is expected to make things hard for those users and anonymous parties who are using WhatsApp for suspicious reasons. The WhatsApp company is soon debuting the new feature along with other upcoming countermeasures – such as reverse image search – which will help immune the platform against any future misuses.

So, which app you should install? FaceApp!

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